Thursday, March 25, 2010

duck! turtle! duck!

On my excursion to the mall to see "Avatar" today (just getting around to it) I brought my sketchpad along to try some drawings. These are gesture drawings, not studies, this is what I could get in a minute or two before the person walked off.

I'm not real brave about this drawing in public stuff. A person on a bench seen from behind is a frequent theme here...

There really was a duck riding a turtle in the fountain at the mall...

... apparently trying to re-enact scenes from a "B.C." comic strip

How did people go to the mall before the cellphone? There seem to be more people talking on phones than in the stores.

I used to be better at this quick sketching. I need to get back in shape.

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Brian Murphy said...

It's tough to try to be discreet when drawing in public - I feel your pain. I like how you used the simple shapes to capture the poses and motion.

"apparently trying to re-enact scenes from a "B.C." comic strip"

That's golden!