Sunday, May 1, 2011

mall creatures great and small

 "Jungle Jim" was at the mall showing children his collection of strange crawling animals.

This is an albino frog. You can tell because he's white.
Tired shopper, dorsal view.

My finest drawing of a duck, so far.

fiction cats

I'm reading Nancy Beiman's storyboarding book "Prepare to Board." 

One of the tasks is to make up four different cat characters.

movin' on up

March 18. More escalator riders at the mall...

At auction this next drawing will be called "Man trying to find 'YOU ARE HERE' dot on mall directory."

 The acoustics of a shopping mall are such that you really can't tell what the pianist is playing, but he looked like he was hitting the right notes.

Tree-top view from the train platform as I wait for it to whisk me back home...

my new year's resolution... draw something every day didn't get very far.

In junior high shop class I was pretty good at drawing mechanical objects, but those were very rectangular objects.

I'm pretty sure my cat had six legs on the day I drew him or I would not have drawn him with six legs...

You want deep?  I'll give you deep.  This is a drawing of the camera that was used to take a picture of this drawing of the camera that I use to take pictures of these drawings..

I drew these in blue pencil thinking I would go back someday and refine them.  Yup.