Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the LEGO panic of ought '11

More fast gesture drawings. 

Five of the people in a gi-normous line waiting to get into the LEGO store at the mall yesterday:

Several of these are attempts to capture a walking pose:

These people were not going anywhere:


JKR said...

Some of them are looking pretty good! Gesture drawing can be tough, and doing it out and about with people who don't know you're drawing them is even harder. One thing that helped me as I am working on doing fast gesture drawings was to work much more loosely. So, for example, I might make big shapes or generalized lines instead of outside contours, and it helped me a LOT to practice it that way. I don't know if I've explained that decently... It's hard to do without images! :)

Here, maybe this will help. This link to one of the things I posted at DeviantArt is 30 second gestures where I tried just to capture the very essence of the poses without doing full outlines of the figures. I don't know if that makes what I said above make more sense.

Anyway, let's both keep practicing so we can get better and better! Good luck with it!

Robert said...


I regard my drawings as raving successes if they are even remotely recognizable forms. ;)