Tuesday, July 26, 2011

gone in 60 seconds

For what is probably the fifth time in 20 years, I'm attempting to do Kimon Nicolaides' book "The Natural Way to Draw".  I'll never get around to three hours of drawing with a nude model every day but I'm aiming to get the flavor the curriculum.

A big part of it is lots of quick gesture drawings.  Behold, the first batch:

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Anonymous said...

Oh tried to stick to his schedule a couple of times but I never made it. Blind contours make my brain explode if i do them the way he describes them :) painstaking is the right word!

Unless you are doing contour gestures which come up a bit later in the book, you should stop trying to capture the contours and dimensions and draw the inner lines, the ones which create the weight and movement, much like in your sitting stick figure drawing at about 4 or 5 seconds into the video.

Cheers & keep it up!