Monday, October 11, 2010

a recliner in the park

Another outdoor excursion, trying to figure out colored pencil technique.

Illegal dumping in the park... now immortalized in art.

There was probably more to this tree at one time but it must have gotten knocked off in a storm.

Sunset over tree tops.

Post in water.

Colored pencils have a bit too much texture for my taste, and what a hassle when you have to fill in a large area!  However, you don't need to water them.


JC Little said...

Love your drawings and the lil' narrative that accompanies. Glad I found this blog!

Robert said...


Mark Stokes said...

Great drawings, Robert! Was that White Rock lake? You do great with colored pencils BTW. Let's see more...

Robert said...


Yes, that is the quiet and civilized oasis of White Rock Lake.

My New Years resolution was to draw every day but, of course, I've fallen off the wagon on that one.