Wednesday, July 1, 2009

one-legged jumps

The fifth Animation Mentor assignment was do three jumps with a one-legged ball. For this 2D revisit of the task I drew a one-legged torso somewhat like the "Norman" character in Eric Goldberg's recent book "Character Animation Crash Course".

The legs were the hardest part of this one. I redid many of the drawings several times to try to get them to maintain approximately the same proportions from frame to frame.

I also did a brief CG test of jumping motion to quickly experiment with timing and posing. I regret there's nothing quite as convenient as IK legs in hand drawn animation.

When I compare my hand-drawn animation to my original 3D version of the school assignment...

... I miss all the little jiggles and squetches I was able to add to the CG character.

In CG (Animation:Master in this case) if you want to adjust your squetch you just have to move one slider or shift a few bones. Try to adjust your squetch in 2D and you have to redraw the whole character, not just once but on many frames. Some of the CG squetches are so small i don't think they could be done in drawings.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


David said...

"Try to adjust your squetch in 2D and you have to redraw the whole character, not just once but on many frames."

Generally that's true , but ...

You're using TVPaint , right ?

In the soon-to-be released TVP 9.5 there is an improved warp/transformation tool that makes it possible to selectively transform/warp parts of drawings. It wouldn't work for every situation, but in some cases you could do exactly what you propose, which is to adjust part of the drawing without having to redraw the entire thing. I wouldn't recommend that for clean-ups , but for rough poses it is possible to do some nudging and fudging with the transform tool to avoid having to re-draw the entire drawing.

Robert said...

Actually I'm using "Plastic Animation Paper" and "ToonBoom Studio". I'm not saying they're better, but I've got them already.

Yeah, I can imagine such tools being useful in situations.

Of course, my goal in these exercises is to be as traditional as possible, short of scanning in real paper drawings.

Robert said...

Well, I just looked at the price list for TVPaint.


Double-ouch when you convert Euros to US Dollars.

David Nethery said...

Oh, for some reason I thought your were using TVP instead of PAP.


"Well, I just looked at the price list for TVPaint.



If you're a registered animation student you can get a very good EDU discount on TVP.

On the other hand if what you've got works well for you then "if it ain't broke don't fix it" .